Cross Platform Mobile Application Development

10+ Years of experience in developing mobile apps across all platforms

Over 15 years of extensive experience in developing solutions for ‘Business Applications on Cloud e.g. Microsoft Online, CRM, Windows Azure, Mobile Device Management, Field Force Management etc.

Cross Platform Mobile Application Development

Softtrends, with its dynamic, talented engineering and management teams, offers a unique opportunity for mobile software providers to avail of proven, high quality software design and development skills at uniquely competitive rates. Softtrends, with its dynamic, talented engineering and management teams, offers world-class mobile application development services, targeting the Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Windows Phone and Symbian platforms.


We start the mobile app development process by understanding your business requirements and providing you with the right solution. Our experience and knowledge of mobile technology coupled with in-depth research of your domain and the passion to excel ensures that we deliver killer strategies for your business.

Mobile Apps DESIGN

Design is one of key factor of an application's success. And, incidentally, it is our USP too! Nothing beats an aesthetically pleasing UI that delivers a smooth flowing user experience. Our prolonged exposure and the resultant expertise certainly bear mention here. Softtrends engineers are adept at:
  • Developing input forms and display screens suitable for small screens
  • User Input methods that makes it easy for users to enter data
  • Optimized Database designs, packing and unpacking
  • Considering Synchronization issues early on in development cycle
  • Portable protocol stack layers that fit easily to the handheld and mobile platforms


With over a decade of experience and over 175 apps to our credit, we have one of the most experienced mobile application development team today. From mCommerce, healthcare, social networking apps to complex enterprise level apps – we have done it all. We work on cutting edge of technology and you can count on our expertise in:
  • Writing compact code in native format
  • Designing and developing protocol stacks such as XCAP, SIGCOMP, RTP, HTTP, SOAP XML, REST etc. in C and Java with Abstraction modules for different Operating Systems.
  • User interface development
  • Our understanding of operating system architecture (e.g. multi-threading in WinCE, Activeobject implementation in Symbian OS, Push in iPhone, and multi-threading techiques used in Android and BlackBerry) has helped us design user interfaces that work in separate threads [where required] and communicate with layers below through message queues. This is just one of the many ways we can make programs run more efficiently on mobile devices
  • On Device and Automation Testing

    Because different kinds of devices and OS releases have different capabilities, it’s not sufficient to test an app simulator on a device used in development. Moreover, Simulators are not capable of running all threads and processes that run on devices. Therefore, At a minimum, an app must be tested on a large number of devices that are available to us physically at our location and available online. Besides, manual testing cannot be used to do performance, analysis, and dynamically tracing and profiling OS and Application code. Therefore we have standardized on Automation tools like Inspect, Monkeytalk which are flexible and powerful tool that lets us track Application and OS processes, examine the collected data and help us understand the behavior of both the app and the operating system. We are also open to configure and use any other automation tools that our customers prefer.

    App Store Validation and taking App to Market

    There are many steps involved in taking a mobile application to market, enrolling in an developer Program, configuring technologies that are available only to apps submitted to the App Store, testing app on multiple devices and system versions, offering beta testers a preview of the release, uploading metadata about the app so the store can present it to customers, verifying that the app is prepared correctly before submission to the store, analyzing the crash dump in case the app fails at certain point, analyzing app store’s vetting comments in case app is not allowed for some reason etc. Even though an app is developed fast, lack of experience in these areas could negatively affect the time-to-market of the app. Our experience in doing it over and over again has helped us create a knowledge base of all gotchas which is available to our developers to make sure the process of taking app to market is as fast and clean as possible.

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