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Could the application of Internet of Things (IoT) have prevented the sudden disappearance of the Malaysian airlines flight 370?

Internet Of Things

“How could the pilots shut off the transponders?” This is the question that is taking the whole world by surprise. How could a device that is so crucial to the safety of a flight carrying more than 200 people, be shut off at the touch of a button? It’s almost astonishing that a commercial airliner went missing from the skies in this age of internet, connectivity, and Internet of Things initiatives.

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Agility in Mobile Application Development


The traditionally accepted ‘waterfall’ model of mobile app development has its limitations as the requirements of the development process need to be listed beforehand. This resulted in reviewing and documentation being subsequent processes rather than a part of app development requiring the developer to work on the UI screens and Server APIs as the user experience changed during the review process.

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Getting Consumer Insights with Mobile Analytics

mobile anaytics

Did you know that measuring, analyzing and reporting insights for mobile can be quite different than what you currently do for desktop or laptop users?
When you start to plan your mobile strategy, you have to think about what content you want to leverage, and how you’re going to leverage it. You can start to come up with really interesting and potentially engaging situations for your audience based on usage patterns and test them out over time to see what works for you.

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App Development for Small Companies

app for small companies

Large corporations have their own private developers working for them modifying and tweaking the ideas of existing applications to better outfit their companies, whereas undersized businesses don’t have the manpower and financial backing to hire their own personal IT developers. This leaves small companies relying on the public application markets, which provide generic applications that aren’t realistically applicable to small businesses looking to boost their profits.

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Top Enterprise Mobility Trends for 2013

mobility trends 2013

The growth of mobile applications will continue to grow at a record pace in 2013. As part of the bring your own device (BYOD) movement in many workplaces, the adoption of tablets at work continues to grow at a phenomenal pace. According to a recent report by ClickSoftware.com, enterprise tablet adoption will grow by 50 percent annually. In addition, 71 percent of workers surveyed use tablets as an additional device rather than a computer replacement. Overall, mobile devices will soon outnumber computers on a corporate network by a two-to-one ratio.

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