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Blackberry Mobile App Development, SoftTrends Bangalore BlackBerry smartphones as we all know are great tools for professionals and business users on the move. The newer BlackBerry platforms puts a lot of additional device power in the hands of these users and it is but natural for them to expect to see and adopt (when available) new innovative business applications. Developers can also make cool games and entertainment applications available for these BlackBerry devices allowing them mix business with pleasure.

However, BlackBerry development environment imposes a lot of constraint on developers in terms of memory usage, storage usage, their ability to store large amount of data in databases, and speed of computation. Softtrends’ BlackBerry developers, with their years of experience in developing business and entertainment applications for these devices can help you overcome these hurdles and develop your software with the features you desire.

Here is a partial list of the various BlackBerry platform technology areas that we have extensively worked on:

• Customized UI Framework
• Multi-threaded application Frameworks
• Telephony and Messaging integration (Email, SMS, PIN Messages)
• Global Positioning System (GPS)
• Audio and Camera integration
• Enterprise Server access through Web Services and HTTP
• Audio / Video Streaming
• Formulating and Parsing XML data packets for Communication with server
• Optimizing GPRS access for uploading/downloading data
• Implementing an appropriate persistent data store for offline access
• Making Applications App World compliant

Why Choose Softtrends for Blackberry Mobile Application Development:

• Strong Blackberry Mobile Application Development Team
• Complete Understanding of Blackberry Mobile Application Development
• Experienced in Blackberry Mobile Application Porting and Testing
• High-End expertise in Custom Blackberry Mobile Application Development

For your BlackBerry Application development requirement contact us send us an e-mail at info@softtrends.com.
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