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With over 15 years of rich experience and numerous successful mobile applications and solutions to its credit, Softtrends has consistently grown to be a global leader in mobile application design and development.

Softtrends has expertise in Open Source, Java and Microsoft technologies. All products and solutions are built around these technologies. With extensive domain knowledge and expertise, we have readymade products for following domains: Enterprise mobility, Analytics, Field services, Health care, Life style and Interactive learning.
Some of our featured products are:

1. Mobile CRM+: A high end enterprise solution that mobilizes MS Dynamics and Salesforce

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Mobile CRM+ demonstrates Softtrends ability to design applications that can efficiently download, parse and store several thousands of records from server safely, securely, and allow user to continue using the program in offline mode (if connection is not available). Data is synced back to server when connection is available again. It has a form configuration engine that can dynamically generate and render different types of forms based on configuration parameters provided externally.

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2. WORKERS-IN-MOTION: A field force management app.

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Managing field force can’t get any easier. Workers-In-Motion can capture GPS location, photos, and signatures along with time-stamp. It streamlines your work-flow, makes your employees more productive and saves money. Workers-In-Motion has just the right set of features you and your fellow employees need.

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3. mBoutique: A social shopping App for your mobile

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mBoutique is a social shopping app for people who like to use their phone most of the time and like to order home delivery, mostly like to pay ‘cash-on-delivery’ allowing merchants to boost their sales with the automation this app brings.

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4. pFokas: An online social collaboration platform

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pFokas is an online collaboration platform built around open source Openfire server that allows mobile chat and multi-party gaming. It can be used to create any type of collaborative application.

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