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  • Entirely mobility focused for 14 years
  • Helped building expertise in all mobile platforms
  • Longer establishment
  • Well defined process for initial orientation with technology and platforms
  • More Senior people
  • Someone is always available to architect, design and guide
  • Successful enterprise mobility products
  • Helps train people on enterprise mobility concept
  • Presence of ODCs
  • Allows us to train resources on new technologies

    Native Application Integration

    From collecting device native application performance to monitoring their usage – providing alternative input method to synchronizing device calendar and contacts with your application database; you name it we have done it!

    Stunning & Responsive UI

    We understand mobile solutions get into the hands of users aged between 2 to 99, and your application’s user interface is the first gate to a satisfied user experience which makes us give as much importance to user interface as to any other aspect of the solution.

    Apps with Complex Logic

    We have built application with Complex population, validation logic, dynamic form rendering, and background server sync with saving data at every step so no data is lost. The pLog custom application has over 100 auto configurable forms, over 1000 validation and pre-population logic, and 75 field data tables, all working seamlessly gathering megabytes of data and safely uploading them to the pLog server.

    Social Media Integration

    Today, promoting and supporting a mobile application in social media is a standard feature (not optional). You can therefore take advantage of our knowledge of integrating Facebook, Twitter, Google plus other social media with mobile applications to promote your solution in social media.

    Location Aware Solution

    Some apps need to be location aware to operate in optimum efficiency, and there are various API choices to make an app location aware. Does not matter what your choice is, we know how to do it and we can do it for you.

    Payment Processing

    Selling products and services through your mobile app?
    We know how to enable payment processing in your app through various payment gateways including ‘Paypal’, ‘Authorizenet’ and other payment processing systems.
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