Power of Field Force Management without the high costs

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Workers-In-Motion can capture GPS location, photos, and signatures along with time-stamp. It streamlines your work-flow, makes your employees more productive and saves money. Manage your mobile workers; help them get the best out of their time in field. Track and monitor everything with Workers-In-Motion. banner11
How is Workers-In-motion useful for me?

  • The astonishing power of Field Force Tracking technology without the high costs.
  • Integration with CRM Servers.
  • Most powerful and easy to use job forms that can be configured instantly as per the need.
  • Allow your sales and service people to automatically inform you where exactly they are, what they are doing, and what help they need.
  • Remember everything you discussed with your clients by recording calls, meetings, and voice notes.
  • Track anyone you are authorized to track legally and/or officially with or without their permission.
  • Seamlessly post voice messages and interesting conversations to social media.
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